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 Listed below are some of the services I offer.  Most of what I do is clinical work, directly with patients in my consulting office.  I have training in the diagnosis and treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and have extensive experience in working with adults and children who have experienced many forms of personal injury or other life altering events

  • Anxiety. My training in PTSD has allowed me to also work with disorders that are anxiety-based.  I also provide individual therapy for people who are challenged by anxiety, ranging from mild distress to panic attacks and anxiety-based physical problems.


  • Depression.  Depression is also something that people who have experienced trauma in its many forms, including painful early childhood attachments, also tend to experience.  I  enjoy working with people who are challenged by depression, ranging from mild to long term depression.


  • Children and Adolescents.  Because of my work in school systems, and otherwise, I have a great deal of experience working with children and families.   Children who are challenged by one-time traumas (such as being assaulted or almost drowning), as well as those challenged by divorce, or other developmentally difficult occurrences, are also in my practice. 


  • Forensic Work. I am retained for cases related to emotional damages resulting from exposures to trauma, work place related injuries and problems, abuse histories, and PTSD for children and adults,  I complete reports and evaluations for f both plaintiffs and defendants.


  • Supervision.  On an as-needed basis, I supervise clinicians.  In addition, I supervise research and intervention projects.  For example, in the past I supervised a research/intervention project that included treatment for women who have traumatic histories and resulting depression.  The study was in collaboration with  the UCLA School of Nursing.

  • Couples. I was originally licensed and trained as a Marriage and Family therapist.  Since that time, I have expanded this training as a psychologist, and continue to work with couples from the perspective that early life informs our capacity for intimacy, and that these issues can be detangled with treatment. 


Regardless of how much training and the type of training a therapist has,  the fit between you and your therapist is the best indicator of how well you will benefit from treatment.  This may be one of the most far reaching and influencial relationships in your life; therefore,  you need to find a therapist that you feel is trustworthy and can help you with your unique striving to feel better and have a healthier life.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment please e-mail at:
      or call me at 310-273-9700.