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Welcome to My Website!  This site is designed to give you information about my practice as a psychologist and forensic expert, my background and my training.  I specialize in trauma with both children and adults.  I provide psychological services, as well as forensic evaluations, case consultation, and media support.

My Treatment Approach

As a psychologist,  I focus on addressing underlying causes of symptoms as well as on symptom relief.   Treating the underlying causes of symptoms helps ensure that treatment goals are met on a long term basis.   I am psychoanalytically oriented with an emphasis on attachment theory and object relations.  This means I help people understand how their inner worlds work, and how these mental states influence thier thoughts, feelings, and behavior.  I highlight the importance of historical events as well as the impact of current realities as I attempt to help people sort out the nature of how their minds work.  I view therapy as a dynamic process that takes place in context of the relationship between the clinician and the client.   My aim as a therapist is to help people make their relationships, work life, and family life become as optimally meaningful and enriching as possible.


Traumatic experiences can greatly affect the way that people experience their daily lives.  Not only do images and feelings about a traumatic event continue to be haunting, people can also begin to feel more fragile, easily frightened and edgy.  Many people don't realize that they can feel more physical symptoms as a result of exposure ot traumatic events as well; such as, exhaustion, a sense of heaviness, and general malaise.  Things that used to bring joy may no longer do so.  Until these feelings and body states are addressed, people may turn to substances to help them feel better. Others may withdraw from loved ones or become overly dependent on the people in their lives to help them out.  Trauma also can take a toll on relationships in the sense that people can feel generally more moody and preoccupied with the trauma, and less focused on their relationships.   All these issues can be greatly helped with therapeutic intervention.

Most importantly, it is good to know that if you are experiencing any of these issues, there is help available to you.  There is nothing that is irreparable. Therapy can provide a strengthening processes that can help you get on stable ground. 


Forensic Work

My forensic experience includes conducting evaluations and assessments for people who have experienced many forms of traumatic experiences and are seeking damages for emotional distress.  I am hired by attorneys to assess for these damages. I have worked on a variety of cases, including death penalty, custody, and personal injury.  


Oftentimes people don't realize that the legal process can afford them some accountability and relief for what they have gone through.  Emotional damages include compensation for emotional distress that has been caused by work related harassment, car accidents, failures in the child welfare system, being the survivor of a sexual assault,  effects of head injuries and other physical traumas, and other events.  My cases have included all of the above, and I have assessed damages for children and adults in terms of how the traumatic event affects them throughout the life span.  


I continue to work with attorneys to help assess the impacts of abuse histories on criminal behavior.  It is important to help jurors understand the psychological and physical ramifications of having been abused as a child. These consequences invariably include symptoms such as poor impulse control, behavior that can contribute to criminal behavior.  Educating jurors about these issues can help them to make informed decisions that would otherwise be influenced by prevailing notions about criminal behavior and that do not take into account traumatic histories as having a weighty influence on behavior.



Lisa M. Murphy, Ph.D.
329 N Wetherly Drive Suite 204
Beverly Hills, CA  90211
PSYCH License #16549


Office Hours:

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